Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance


About the alliance

  • The Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance is made up of local organisations which are committed to making the area a safe and rewarding place for people with dementia to live, work and visit – and for carers to feel adequately supported.
  • Each member organisation has created an action plan outlining how they will support people with dementia, and their carers.
  • The alliance recognises that dementia friendly areas are nicer places for everyone to live.
  • The alliance has been officially registered and recognised by DementiaAction.org.uk, which brings together organisations and groups from across England which are committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia, and their carers.
  • There are currently five action groups with work streams relating to transport, leisure & wellbeing, local business, education & young people and the care pathway.
  • A ‘service user review group’ will be asked to sense-check any ideas and share thoughts and suggestions, to ensure the work of the alliance is relevant (and needed).

Our vision

  • A Dementia Friendly Horsham District is one where people will be aware of and understand more about dementia.
  • People with dementia, and their carers, will be consulted and listened to and will feel included in our community. They will feel empowered to have aspirations and will feel confident, knowing they can contribute and participate in activities which are meaningful to them.
  • We hope that through our activities we will be officially recognised as a dementia friendly community.

Why the alliance needs you

  • It’s the little things that can mean so much – whatever your business. Understanding the challenges and needs of a person with dementia and having patience and compassion can make all the difference.
  • Many organisations have employees or customers affected by dementia.
  • Every individual, club, group, service and organisation has a valuable part to play.
  • If we all work together, we can help to create a truly dementia friendly district.

How to join the alliance

  • Complete the action plan template on the Dementia Action website (there are both online and downloadable versions available): dementiaaction.org.uk/join_the_alliance
  • Submit your plan online or by sending to the email address provided. Remember to state that you are part of the Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance.
  • If you would like any further information about joining the alliance or help with completing your action plan, please email dementiacoordinator@horsham.gov.uk
  • If you would like to support the alliance by committing to awareness raising activity but not creating an action plan, you can complete a simple supporter form instead.

There are a large number of organisations now involved in the work of the alliance.

If you visit the HDDAA website, you are able to check out it’s members and see what they are doing to address dementia in your community.
Website: Dementia Action Alliance

If you would like to join the Alliance please find details in the
Dementia Action Alliance Leaflet