Dementia Friends


The Dementia Friends programme is an initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about the condition.

What is a Dementia Friend?

  • A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action.
  • Anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend.
  • You can help in small ways. Whether telling others about Dementia Friends, or visiting someone you know who is living with dementia, every action counts.

How do I become a Dementia Friend?

  • Attend a 1 hour Dementia Friends Information Session.
  • If you would like to arrange a Dementia Friends Information Session for your group, business or organisation, please contact

Become a Dementia Friends Champion

  • Dementia Friends Champions are trained volunteers who encourage others to learn a little bit about dementia.
  • Champions run Information Sessions in their organisation or community and inspire others to help those living with dementia.

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